About Us/FAQ

Who are you?

We are Chris and Allie, two people who thought it would be fun to spend a year cooking an entire cookbook full of Guy Fieri's food. Were we wrong? Let's find out! (We were probably wrong.)

What are you doing?

We're cooking our way through Guy Fieri's classic cookbook, "Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It". We have one year to cook 153 recipes, including such gems as "Holla 4 Chicken Marsala" and something called "Dirty Bird Sketti".

Why are you doing this?

That's a good question.

Thank you. But please answer. 

Chris was gifted this cookbook by a well-meaning relative who mistook ironic fascination with Guy Fieri for genuine adulation. It sat gathering dust on a shelf in his apartment for a few years until Allie came over one time and started reading it aloud. Chris then said "wouldn't it be terrible to have to do Julie & Julia but with this cookbook?"

That's a terrible story.

So are all the stories Guy tells in his cookbook.

OK, but why Guy Fieri?

We've long been intrigued about the appeal of Guy Fieri, and whether he actually deserves his reputation as a Smash Mouth-wielding enemy of good taste. Is his food a comforting, indulgent take on American standards? Or is it a sign of the bro-itization of cuisine?

Who are you?

Chris is a lawyer, which Allie understands is kind of like Law and Order (it's not). Allie is a volcano doctor, which Chris understands is kind of like Dante's Peak (it's not). We've been friends for about ten years and both live in Chicago.

How can I contact you?

Our email address is fieriandbrimstone at gmail dot com.

This seems like a terrible idea.

I know, mom.